Every time you turn on the TV, computer or radio these days, someone is fretting about the current flu epidemic and urging me to get a flu shot. As the parent of a young daughter in daycare (germs!), the wife of a cancer survivor and a lifelong health and wellness advocate, I’m very concerned about the recent outbreak. I am also very glad to have reasonable people around me to calm these fears with knowledge and common sense.

Flu-Fighting Foods

One of these wise women is Dr. Mara Tabares, my friend, chiropractor and client (full disclosure, I wrote and distributed this press release for her on this very subject) who encourages a holistic approach to health. She passionately cites the research about how ineffective and even toxic the flu vaccine is and urges us to use alternative methods of preventing the flu, such as the yummy flu-fighting foods pictured here.

Says Dr. Tabares, “People need to review this compelling research and recognize that there are safe, healthy alternatives to the flu shot that will more effectively prevent the flu, such as getting more sleep, washing hands thoroughly, getting chiropractic adjustments, taking vitamin D, exercising, eating a healthier diet full of flu-fighting foods like berries and ginger, and taking probiotics, as well as a host of other amazing supplements for immune boosting.”

Thank you, Mara, for sharing your wisdom!


Flu Prevention

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