Run Like A Mother


By now, you know that I have many loves in my life; among the top are exercise and being a mom. So I really commend what Run Like A Mother Founder Megan Searfoss is doing to help moms feel their best. I first discovered this organization when I ran their 5K in my hometown of Ridgefield, CT on my first Mother’s Day in 2011, desperate to lose the baby weight as quickly as possible after my daughter was born. I wish I’d paid more attention to her insightful newsletter articles like this one on Avoiding Common Injuries from Dr. Ross Henshaw of Danbury Orthopedics because then maybe I wouldn’t have developed the tendonitis that sidelined me until recently but that’s a lesson for another day…

Running started as great motivation to lose the baby weight from Megan’s three daughters but turned into so much more than that. As many of us can relate, running has become a mind-clearing way for her to start the day, think, solve the world’s problems (okay, her world’s problems), and come up with new ideas. Megan has now competed in countless races, including more than 15 marathons, 7 Ironman Triathlons and countless 5K’s, 10K’s and 1/2 marathons.

But Megan is much more than a fitness buff. She’s created an innovative company that supports moms every step of the way, embracing social media with consistent posts designed to motivate and encourage moms of all fitness levels. Run Like A Mother is now featuring virtual race bags with goodies from local sponsors like Susi Laura Massage, which specializes in treating athletes – a very cool marketing touch!

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