photoI talk a lot about gratitude in my life and on my blog, and today’s post is no exception. I’m blessed to have met life and business coach Leah Jantzen at the Mom Gets A Business conference last week in Manhattan. Like me, Leah is crazy enough to believe that you can run a successful, fulfilling business while raising a baby or FOUR, in her case; hence her tagline of, “Ready to rock your business while rocking your babies?”

I’d heard about Leah before the conference through Patty Lennon‘s fabulous social media presence, so I knew she’d be presenting onstage and felt like we were already fast friends when I introduced myself during one of the breaks (she, on the other hand, was probably thinking, “And who are you?” Ha!).

I’m so passionate about her perspective: “I’m a mom on a mission: To show other moms that having babies and running a business are not mutually exclusive. That it IS possible to create a life that mirrors the most important values in your life, including your family and your career.”

Anyway, Leah is my Friday Favorite for many reasons but mostly because of the ways she is helping mompreneurs like me through her charismatic video series full of tips on branding, business-building and more. As I write this, I’ve had a long day, full of fun, work, exercise, errands and family, and I probably couldn’t read one more blog post or magazine article. But I still want to steal a few minutes to better my business, and Leah’s videos let me do just that. I hope you’ll enjoy them too!

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