I just love how creative and innovative moms are, especially when it comes to their kids’ happiness. Pictured here is my client Allison Brush-Stern, who was on vacation with her beautiful kids at the beach a few summers ago when she realized that in the midst of packing she’d forgotten their beach pails and shovels. Inspired by her mother who always had a foldable drinking cup in her purse, she went on to create and patent Collapse-A-Pail, a foldable beach bucket that is now sold in select stores as well as online. She even won a contest for inventors on Anderson Cooper’s show – the prize was $10,000!

The best part is that the product is in the running for Wal-Mart’s Get On the Shelf contest, and if she gets enough votes her product could be sold nationwide! As she told Hamlet Hub, “Time is really of the essence and we need everyone’s support to make this happen.”

Voting ends in one week (Monday, September 2nd), and you can vote every day so please do your part by clicking here.


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