Social Media Management in 14 Minutes a Day

My coaching clients are passionate about their companies and want to be the ones representing their brands on social media. But they have a lot they need to fit in over the course of the day and social media marketing is only one thing on a pretty long to-do list. So they’re always looking for ways to do it more efficiently. Sound familiar?

Brands can get a lot of exposure on social media and show a lot of the personality behind their mission, whether you’re a mom and pop business or a huge corporation. So it’s a terrific tool for businesses to use when they want to connect with their customers and expand their audience. Social media has also created a new wave of brand ambassadors who will post online about how much fun they had at an event or checking out a new store in town, and that type of PR is priceless.

So your social media presence is essential, but it also has to be efficient.

Here are three ways you can save time TODAY on social media:

1.  I love to start by setting an alarm clock in another room to go off after 10 or 15 minutes, so it really signals to my brain that I need to be productive and not get sucked in. It’s also a terrific wakeup call if you do end up getting sidetracked and maybe checking your personal accounts or reading too many articles you saw posted. Having to get up and turn off an alarm, even if you’re going to reset it for another few minutes, really helps you get back on track.

2.  Set some goals for the time and energy you’re spending on social media. You will automatically feel like you’re working more strategically if you write down a few goals and accomplish them in your first few minutes on social media.

  • Do you want to expand your network?
  • Do you want to learn how a competitor is conducting themselves on social media?
  • Do you want to build relationships with current and potential clients?
  • Do you want to display the personality behind your brand?
  • Do you want to position yourself as an authority in your field?
  • Notice I didn’t say “sell your product or service.” Because the trick on social media is to be subtle. It’s SOCIAL media, people come there to be social so you have to remember your audience and plan accordingly. The idea behind building your business on social media is really to be building relationships, because people have to know you, like you, then trust you before they’re going to hire you or buy from you.

3. Focus on your ideal client. What does he or she need to hear from you right now? What challenge can you help them resolve? What question can you answer? What support can you provide? How can you make their day easier? By focusing your attention this way, you will automatically save precious time and energy on social media.

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