I had a lot of fun putting together this list of 7 S’s of Simple Yet Savvy Social Media Strategy as part of my presentation today at the Danbury chapter of Believe, Inspire, Grow (B.I.G.), one of my favorite women’s groups. Enjoy!


1. Set a goal. This could be to follow five new influencers, edit your profile (seriously, when was the last time you did this?), comment on industry news, connect with a local blogger, or promote an upcoming speaking engagement.
2. Set a timer, preferably in another room so you don’t get sucked in!
3. Stick to one or two platforms. You can move on to more when you’re comfortable but it’s better to be consistent and effective on one or two platforms than sporadic on five.
4. Schedule your posts.You can schedule posts directly in Facebook and Twitter, but I prefer a dashboard like HootSuite.
5. Simplify your life by posting similar content across all platforms. No need to reinvent the wheel, particularly because you have different followers on different platforms.
6. Save the drama for your mama. If you cut back on posting negative comments and unfollow people who do, you’ll automatically be more productive!
7. Smile! Be positive on social media, and in life, and you’ll naturally boost your engagement.
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