The following text from my husband today made me laugh, then made me think:

“You sounded a little crazed earlier what with Kelly peeing on the couch so I totally forgot to mention the reason I called. Which week in August would you like to take vacation?”

Sound like your life?

The life of a work-at-home mompreneur is never dull. Sometimes I have daycare. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I can take a whole day off to play with my two-year-old daughter. Sometimes I can get some work done while my little girl plays quietly. Sometimes, like today, I’m a little foggy with a head cold so I forget to change her diaper and it leaks all over the couch as she’s watching Elmo and I’m drafting a press release for a client. Then she wakes up a little earlier than normal and I’ve barely had time to take a breath before transitioning from mompreneur back to mommy.

My point is, life moves pretty fast. This summer feels like it’s moving REALLY fast. July is almost over. Give yourself the gift of taking a coffee break, taking a deep breath, and creating a (short, doable) bucket list for August and find the joy in crossing things off. One of my priorities is to enjoy a few days at the beach with my family meditating on lighthouses like this one (more on that later).

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